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1000 km to discover Umbria

Umbria is one of the most touristic regions of Italy but at the same time, it is also one of the few that have managed to keep their nature more authentic. There are so many areas that seem out of space and time and that can only be reached if guided by local experts. In the case of the Umbria Rally, the expert will be the Moto Club Umbria, which organizes the event for the 8th year. Last year’s show turned out to be a very welcome return and this year a completely new journey awaits you! So, whether you’ve already participated or not, if you’re passionate about adventuring, you can’t miss this opportunity!

The event is not competitive and you can enjoy the adventure without the thought of “having to win”. It will be an experience 100% dedicated to the perfect union between nature and two wheels: a real pleasure. Have you ever had the chance to visit this small region with great potential?

The green heart of Italy

Umbria is truly the green heart of Italy because it is located exactly in the centre of the boot, in a decidedly strategic potion. Very easy to reach both from the north and the south, because a cut in three by the A1, the E45 and the Statale Flaminia, it is the only peninsular region not to be bathed by the sea. But soft hills on one side and high mountains on the other embrace many towns and an infinite number of villages, each rich in its history and a lot of tradition. Before taking part in the rally, visiting Umbria could also be an idea for a motorcycle Easter to experience all that the region has to offer.

The program of the Umbria Rally

The Rally of Umbria is the only event of this kind that starts from a special place for history and artistic value. The appointment is in Piazza IV Novembre in Perugia: the route is structured “daisy” and this will be the departure and arrival of all the stages. It is the main pizza of the regional capital, overlooked by the Fontana Maggiore, the Palazzo dei Priori and the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. They all deserve a visit before you get going!

Thursday 25 April – day 1

You have time from the afternoon until after dinner to reach the Alessi Room in Via Mazzini, in the heart of the historic centre. Did you know that this is a former church, called S. Maria del Popolo designed by the famous Umbrian architect Galeazzo Alessi? You will recognize it from the elegant façade with the columned pronaos! Get ready, because on this tour every place will have a story to tell! Here the meeting will last from 16 to 22: it will be an excellent opportunity to get to know each other and to start looking around!

Friday 26 April – day 2

See you soon on the 1st stage! The appointment is at 8.30am to meet the institutions and give a technical briefing to the Sala dei Notari. You can access directly from the staircase on Piazza IV Novembre: you will find yourself in a large hall with 8 transversal round arches, surmounted by wooden coffers and surrounded by frescoed walls. Legends, biblical stories and coats of arms of the podestàs and of the captains of the people who governed the city decorate the whole hall. Not a bad start, right? At 9.00 it is time to leave: to face the first 310km we will proceed in groups of 3 every 30 minutes. The return is scheduled between 5 pm and 8 pm and of course a half-day there will be a “gastronomic pit-stop” offered by the organizers.

Saturday 27 April – day 3

Saturday 27 will be the longest stage: 340km between dirt roads and secondary roads that will make you enjoy the authenticity of Umbria to the fullest. Get ready to have your time card stamped at the CTs, at the refreshment point and the finish line in the historic centre. In the evening a concert was organized dedicated to the event to download the day decidedly intense. The organizers warn that careful driving will be necessary, for many hours riding the bike: mounting knobbed tires could be useful to proceed in peace.

Sunday 28 April – day 4

As with all good things, even in this case, there is an end. The departure is always for 8 and there will be no risk of giving up the legendary Sunday lunch! Who knows in which

characteristic place they will take you and what traditional delicacies will the organizers have selected for you? But don’t relax too much: a party is waiting for you when you return to the city! Who said that at the Rally of Umbria you only have fun on two wheels?

Registration and useful info

But how to participate? Just sign up. On the contrary: don’t waste time and do it now! The rally of the green heart of Italy is a limited number of events and places don’t take long to finish! It is open to all bikers with specialized or multi-cylinder enduro who want to try this experience alone, with a passenger or in a group. The cost is € 330 for the three stages plus € 90 for any passenger and includes:

  • welcome kit with motorcycle stickers;
  • GPS tracks or paper road books;
  • 3 roadmaps to take advantage of refreshments.

Where stay

You can stay where you prefer, but know that some structures in the city have given their availability for a special price. Find out which are the Rally hotels in Umbria or if you travel by camper, there is a parking lot 1 km away from the tour departure/arrival!

What are you still doing here? Run to join the Umbria Rally: there are very few places available!

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