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In fact, it has entered all the rankings of the craziest and most crazy motorcycles we mean whose values ​​are not only not common but are extraordinary beyond the excess, especially if we consider that in the world of two wheels there is an extreme in all its sector. Each house produces its most futuristic, most expensive, most refined version or the whitefly that becomes a myth and certainly the goal of millionaires and collectors.

So the monstrosity goes beyond excess. This is precisely the case of the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 H2R, built by the Japanese company exclusively for the track, which means that it does not offer the best of itself on the track, but that it is forbidden to drive on the road.

Its power opens the list of non-quota numbers: 310 horsepower (CV) generated by a 4-cylinder in-line 998cc engine.

How to deliver so much power from such a relatively small engine? Kawasaki, to achieve this goal, has included a mechanically controlled centrifugal compressor in the complex and articulated engine block, which means that it is not activated by the engine exhaust and provides an incredible increase of 20 PSI. The turbine runs at an incredible 130,000 rpm. On balance the small monster from only 218 kg and if we take into account the fact that its fairing is entirely in carbon fibre it is clear that the weight is 90% the engine. ThereKawasaki Ninja 1000 H2R turns out to have 50% more power than the more extreme little sisters of the same category, same displacement, different manufacturer.

The price is commensurate with the services: 55,000 euros (almost a small studio apartment on the outskirts). It will not even be so easy to see her around as only 5 are circulating in Italy.

Engine technical data

Displacement: 998 cc

Engine type: thermal

Timing: 4

Cylinders: 4 Cylinder

configuration: in-line

Cylinder arrangement: transverse

Cooling: liquid

Starting: electric

Power supply: injection

Bore: 76 mm

Stroke: 55 mm

Clutch: multidisk

Number of valves: 4

Distribution: DOHC

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