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If you have not already decided which of the April motorcycle itineraries to do we have an interesting suggestion for you! Registration is about to close for the Sardinia Grand Tour 2019, which this year will be from Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 April! If you do not know what we are talking about, find out what it is and what is in the program for this year: once you finish reading, you will look forward to starting.

Sardegna Grand Tour 2019: What it is

The Sardinia Grand Tour 2019 is an event organized by Renato Zocchi of Adventure Riding, already a champion of many disciplines on two wheels and today organizer of themed events, organized in collaboration with the Motoclub Gonnesa. It is a purely tourist and non-competitive event: a four-stage tour designed and organized down to the smallest detail among the breathtaking landscapes of Sardinia. You will be able to discover the dirt roads in the uncontaminated mountains of the island of the four Moors and descend comfortably to one of the most beautiful seas in Italy along the most suggestive roads.

100% Adventuring

We could say that the Sardinia Gran Tour is a classic example of Adventuring. What does it mean? Literally, it is the union of the words Adventure and touring and a few years ago it is a real discipline also for the Italian Motorcycle Federation. Get ready to get off the beaten track, travel off-road, and yes, even dirty your bike. Most of the routes you will take will be immersed in nature and the only signs of your passage that you will have to leave are the traces of the tread on the ground. You will arrive where so few have been: enjoy the journey and take it easy. Everyone has their own way of seeing adventures but surely, since you love travelling on two wheels, the adventuring could do for you.

This year’s program

This year’s program is very rich and varied. It includes two types of routes:

Route On Off

  • It is a path that develops for the most part on easy dirt roads, alternated with paved panoramas. You can easily walk it even if you have never done a real off-road vehicle. The important thing is that you have a motorcycle on-off, an Enduro or a scooter weighing over 150 kg. If you have a vintage motorcycle (with registration prior to 31/12/1999) or you are a woman there are no weight limits!

Road route

  • The Road Route will be exclusively on paved roads and you can also bring a passenger with you. Here too the same weight limits apply: but if this were not the case it would not be an Adventuring event! And if you travel with “more lively” friends than you who will go for the On-Off, don’t worry: you will not always be separated. In fact, the asphalted stretches of their route are common and you can meet them halfway for a refreshment based on typical Sardinian products.

The stages

The Sardinia Grand Tour 2019 will start on Thursday 25 April and includes 4 stages. All the points of departure and arrival on the island will be the hotels where the overnight stay is planned, which are located near the most famous seaside resorts. The routes that you will need to do will be indicated to you from time to time via GPS tracks and, in the case of the On-Off Route, in some cases, they will only be travelled with the help of waypoints.

  1. The first stop is the one that will take you to the ferry. It starts from two meeting points: Milan for the north and Rome for the central-south. From the two cities will begin the real journey, about 350 km long, to Livorno where you will embark for Sardinia.
  2. The second stop goes from Golfo Aranci to Arbatax: you will explore most of the east coast, covering about 250km of road.
  3. Saturday 27 April prepared for the third stage, which will end in Alghero. Leave the sea behind and discover the most pristine and genuine part of the island: the inner part, rich in mountains and valleys where time seems to have stopped.
  4. Unfortunately, even the most beautiful things must end. The last stop from Alghero will take you back to Golfo Aranci and then boarding for Livorno: 230 km that will leave you with an indelible memory of this adventure.

How to participate

Have we convinced you and can’t wait to participate in this year’s tour? Registration is open until March 30th: don’t waste time because availability also depends on ferries and hotels! The cost is € 790 for you and the bike, plus € 400 if you want to bring a passenger. This figure includes:

  • the round trip ferry with shared double cabin accommodation;
  • two nights in a shared room in a 4-star hotel with half-board service (dinner and breakfast);
  • 4 refreshments in the middle of the stages;
  • baggage transport during the stages (maximum size 80x40x60).

But that’s not all. When we told you that the Sardinia Grand Tour 2019 is organized to the last detail, we were not exaggerating. Also included in the price you will also have:

  • Organizational liability insurance;
  • Recovery service for damaged vehicles, whatever the route;
  • medical assistance;
  • GPX tracks;
  • a special surprise to remember this experience.

Who can participate

All the people registered to a Motoclub for the current year can take part in the event and the bikes allowed are those on the road, on-off, enduro, scooter and vintage with the minimum weight limits of which we have already spoken. If the On-Off course is the one that attracts you the most, mount tires that are also suitable for off-road and never forget the satellite navigator. The spirit of the event is to proceed at your own pace, but it is essential that nobody gets lost on the road!

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