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The tour of the lakes by motorbike is one of the most classic but also the most beautiful itineraries in northern Lazio. If you want to know more, read this article: the best way to organize a ride is to get as much information as possible, so when you’re in the saddle, your only concern will be just enjoying the journey!

Lazio, a region of lakes to visit

You know, Lazio can give us an infinite number of wonderful landscapes: from cities rich in histories like Rome or Anagni to the marvellous coasts bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea. But another landscape feature of the region is the lakes. Did you know that it is the one with the most heterogeneous variety of lakes in Italy? There are brackish or karstic lakes, but also artificial ones, which have nevertheless transformed the landscape and acquired a particular environmental and ecological importance. However, we want to take you to the discovery of three lakes of volcanic origin, namely:

  • the lake of Bracciano
  • the lake of Vico
  • the lake of Bolsena.

Have you ever tried to find the area where these lakes are on Google Maps? Or have you ever looked at them on a map? You will certainly have noticed that they all have more or less the same semi-circular shape. This is because all three basins, in ancient times, were volcanoes. Therefore, what we see today as “filled” was none other than the mouth of the prehistoric volcano.

In the areas surrounding all three basins, important finds have been found that testify to the presence of man since ancient times. Stopping and also discovering these wonders, beyond all those landscapes that will accompany you on your motorcycle trip, will certainly be interesting. But let’s not go too fast! Here’s the complete itinerary of the tour of the lakes on a motorbike and all the things there are to see!

The stages of the motorcycle tour

Our tour of the lakes in motion starts from North Rome. Here you can take the Via Cassia state road 2 and keep it as a reference point for your entire bike ride. In fact, the road runs close to all three lakes that we will get to know together and is a convenient and fast connection with the capital. But like all travel, beauty comes when you exit the ordinary: let yourself be carried away by curiosity and take secondary roads. Enter the territory to learn about every more remote corner and you won’t regret it!

Stage 1 – Lake Bracciano in motion

Lake Bracciano is located just outside Rome and is the third-largest lake in Central Italy. The main towns on its shores are the homonymous Bracciano, Anguillara Sabazia and Trevignano Romano. The lake is part of the Regional Natural Park of Bracciano-Martignano which since 1999 protects the uncontaminated areas of the territory. Crossing it by motorbike – with due tranquillity – or going down for a walk will be a regenerating experience. Another place that deserves at least a stop is the Orsini Odescalchi Castle: an important and famous fortress of the fifteenth century rich in history that dominates the main city on the lake.

Stage 2 – Lake Vico on two wheels

Proceeding north-west on the Cassia you will find Lake Vico. It is the smallest of the three lakes touring motorcycles but that does not mean that you do not have great surprises. Making the soft curves of the streets that run along with it, you’ll find yourself in front of panoramas that will leave you speechless. The secret? It is located within what is a nature reserve and protected an area for almost 40 years and the whole area has been saved from building speculation.

Do you know that there is a legend about the origins of the lake? He narrates that Ercole, to demonstrate his strength to the inhabitants of the place infissi a rod in the ground. After so many vain attempts, only he succeeded in removing it by causing so much water to flow from the hole left that filled the valley and formed the lake. You could be out of season for the famous carnival or for the Ronciglione Jazz Festival, but after taking a bath in the lake, this citizenship nearby is definitely worth a visit!

Stage 3 – Lake Bolsena in motion

Like all good things, even our motorcycle lakes tour has come to an end and the last stop is Lake Bolsena. It is the most volcanic lake in Europe with a total area of ​​113.5 square kilometres. Once at your destination, you will be spoiled for choice on what to do. On the coasts, you can find many areas equipped for camping, fishing or a simple picnic in contact with nature. Or you can embark to visit Bisentina Island and observe Martana Island from the water, which is private and therefore closed to the public. Alternatively, you can stroll through the streets of Bolsena, Capodimonte or perhaps reach Montefiascone and dedicate yourself to discovering the famous food and wine treasures of the place.

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