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The Motodays Rome is back, the best opportunity to discover all the news of the world of two wheels for the year 2019 in the capital! If you are thinking of taking a leap, because maybe you want to buy a motorbike or you simply can’t help but keep up to date on everything that companies have to offer, take a look at everything that awaits you at the Fiera di Roma from 7 to 10 March 2019.

Only in the 2018 edition, the Rome Motodays occupied a total area of 43,500 square meters, more or less like ten football fields, with over 3 00 exhibitors and about 2800 test rides with 120 motorcycles. And this year’s edition will certainly not be outdone.

Motodays Rome 2019

This year’s edition will be spectacular. A taste you can already get from the creative concept and the logo, designed by the hand of Aldo Drudi. Yes, the same Aldo Durdi who is behind Valentino Rossi’s helmets. A good business card, isn’t it? But obviously, there is much more. There will be 6 thematic areas! Here are some anticipations!

Welcome Bikers

Welcome Bikers is the second edition of the International Tourism Exchange on two wheels – BITM. If your ideal holiday includes essential luggage, your bike and the desire to discover new places travelling in freedom, you can’t absolutely miss it! You will meet many enthusiasts with whom to talk about your experiences and listen together to the testimonies of those who will go on stage in this area. But you can also discover many useful and concrete solutions for organizing your travels: from the offers of tour operators to those of over 30 companies involved, without obviously forgetting the many associations, Motoclubs and federations present.

2Wheels 2Work

2Wheels 2Work is the thematic area of Motodays Rome dedicated to those who, every day, choose the bike or scooter to go to work. Do you belong in this category? Did you know that Rome, with over 700,000 vehicles, of which more than half on the road every day, is the city of Europe with more vehicles on two wheels circulating? In the four days of events you can take part in the Corporate Mobility Manager Course , technical tutorials on two wheels, discover all the news, future applications and prospects for urban mobility and, last but not least for a commuter like you, participate in of the commercial focuses, to compare the products that are right for you. 2w2w is the way in which the Motodays put innovation into motion for decidedly smarter mobility.

Riding Experience

Obviously, even the Riding Experience could not miss. If you have to choose the first bike or change the model, you can’t miss this pad. In fact, you can try the bike or scooter of your choice with the assistance of the staff. The names? Yamaha, Triumph, BMW, Harley-Davidson, Indian, Guzzi / Aprilia and Suzuki. Test acceleration, braking and road holding on a track outside the fairgrounds around 15 / 20km! Choosing what to buy will be much more fancy!

Rione Officine

How to make a motorcycle your bike? With customization! And where to find out how to do it best? Obviously at the Rione Officine di Roma Motodays. It is the thematic area dedicated to customization, where the most creative spirits can understand how to turn their ideas into reality. And even if yours is just a passion that has not yet materialized, you will certainly be amazed by the fantastic achievements of the most important workshops on the national and international scene.

Vintage Motodays

If motorcycles are an art form for you, you can’t miss the “museum” of Roma Motodays. The thematic area dedicated to the Vintage this year will have a double theme: “Motorcycle in uniform” and the “Contest for the vintage club”. Thanks to the contribution of the military forces and the main motorcycle clubs, historically reworked settings will be rebuilt to make you make a real leap in time. Don’t miss the chance to admire these jewels that, despite the passage of time, will never lose their charm!

The ladies of the two wheels

Who said that two wheels are a men’s thing? “Women in motorcycle” is the project of the Italian Motorcycle Federation dedicated to women who want to enter the world of motorcycles helping them to choose the most suitable vehicle with meetings and workshops. If you are interested, come on 8 March to celebrate Women’s Day at Roma Motodays and take part in the “Motocicliste” meeting: there will be lots of surprises for you!

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