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The causes of palpitations are often unknown, inscrutable. Usually, they have their roots in the past, in events that may not have an obvious connection with the love that comes from them but certainly important.

You need to be on the lookout for love for two wheels. If you already know you are victims of it you probably know very well what we are talking about, but, if you are in doubt about whether or not you are a poor fellow to whom the cupid of the two wheels has shot his arrow, know that love for two wheels does not it is like many other loves or many other passions . It is a visceral feeling of belonging to a very special world that can only be understood if it sinks into it.

Why do we introduce this hot topic?

Because in approaching the world of two wheels it can be done for practical reasons or for reasons of the heart. Of the choice that arises from rational and logical reasons we will talk without difficulty between a little bit of the choice that arises from reasons of the heart we must underline some important aspects that can make the difference between a choice that can finally open the doors of the motorcycle world definitively or a choice that can crush our passion.

Choose the bike for practical reasons

Usually, the choice of a first new motorcycle (or scooter), moved for practical reasons, concerns the economy, understood in every sense.

The first economy is obviously the real one, linked to expenses and costs. Two wheels are certainly less expensive than four, not only in the initial expense but also in the costs of maintenance, stamp duty and motorcycle insurance (not always).

The second economy is linked to space. Two wheels occupy much less space than four, they can be stored in a small garage or in a small cellar accessible from the street not to mention the convenience of parking in the city. Parking a scooter or motorcycle can literally be improvised. In our specific Roman context, remembering that it is essential for the health of the city to prefer parking spaces specifically designed and dedicated to two-wheelers, it is possible, if it does not cause damage or disturbance, to stop almost anywhere. This freedom is reciprocated by the city with a considerable reduction in the weight of traffic and the space needed for parking.

The third economy is related to time. The travel times on two wheels over short distances, and with very short we mean city routes, are decidedly and significantly lower than that of car journeys.

How to choose the first motorcycle (or scooter)

That said, the choice of the first motorcycle, or scooter, sees some features like those that must be kept in mind at the time of the evaluation, given that the range of choices is practically endless.

We can advise, with regards to the choice of scooters, to keep an eye on weight and size (especially if you are female!) And to remember that a high-wheeled scooter helps with ease of driving and manoeuvring especially in the city.

Another very important element is the space under the saddle, the visibility with the windscreen and the rear top box. These 3 elements contribute to increasing the comfort and versatility of the vehicle.

The practical reasons are often linked to the renunciation of the car, at least for small individual daily trips, so make sure that the space for the passenger is also safe, sufficient and comfortable.

Finally, remember to ask for the cost of the stamp and get a quote on the insurance so as not to have surprises especially in reference to displacement and Kw. Today the difference between a 125 and a 400 can be hardly recognizable to an inexperienced eye, but it can be noticeably felt when it is time to go to your insurance company to have the new vehicle signed without a proper quote.

Choose the bike with the heart

And here we are with what makes every true enthusiast sigh: the choice of the first bike made with the heart.

Knowing that when we speak to the heart we have little effect by introducing speeches, even reasonable ones, on safety and quality, the only thing we want to emphasize is in relation to your experience.

The super sports

If you dream of a single-seater at Valentino Rossi, do not be rushed, especially if you are very young and your experience is limited to the two years spent on the first scooter in your daily home-school-home journey.

Keep in mind that the pleasure you experience in driving is always related to your experience and the feeling of security that you will feel for which you try to level up gradually.

Choose a motorcycle whose engine size increases with your age and experience and accompany your passion with a good deal of knowledge and practice. Among other things, we advise you to follow in-depth courses and, if you can, buy hours of driving with a professional in the field.

Remember also that, in this context, to accompany the purchase of the bike with a good dose of safety thanks to an excellent helmet and a suit with protections is certainly a wise and prudent choice.

Off-road and enduro

If you are a fan of dirt roads, do not buy your first bike to jump off-road and suddenly become a travelling explorer. Off-road and enduro are synonymous with freedom, but even in this context quality and growth should be kept in mind by degrees. This is a context in which it seems that there are only feasts of fresh air and freedom but the pitfalls can be many.

To conclude

In principle, good advice for everyone is also to practice the concept of devaluation when you go to evaluate a purchase. There are brands that devaluate more or less than others and the bike is soon replaced by the next in a much shorter time than those that pass between one car and another. Therefore, having good sales opportunities is a value that may not initially have a huge weight, but that at the time of the next purchase turns out to be an added value on the budget.

Remember also to keep your vehicle in mind, because even wear will give you better cards when you want to replace your vehicle.

We stop here this time, only because we know well, since we motorcyclists too, that in the end the choice of the bike (above all the first bike) is pure instinct, pure love, and so as far as we can add reasonable reasons to make wise choices, (almost) each of us just followed his heart in choosing his first motorcycle. What we could do was to name as much as possible everything that can help your safety and your economy.

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