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Then you already know that the next one will be a fantastic month: in addition to the classic weekends, there is Easter, the bridge of May 25th and May 1st! Just take a few days off to escape on your bike and enjoy all the splendour of spring! Still, don’t know where to go? Read this article and choose the April bike itineraries we suggest!

Organizing a trip abroad by motorbike without due advance is not easy. This is why we decided to suggest routes to do in Italy, so wherever you live, you can enjoy them to the full and plan the trip according to the days you have available.

April bike routes: southern Italy

Since we are going towards the warm season and the sea acts as a magnet, the first April motorcycle itineraries that we want to recommend to you are on two of the most famous coasts of southern Italy: the Amalfi Coast and Salento.

Tour of the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is that stretch of coast that goes from the slopes of Vesuvius to Salerno. It is not a very long itinerary, but certainly a fascinating one. Especially in spring when it is not yet stormed by tourists. Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi are just some of the famous cities that you will cross, but perhaps the most breathtaking sceneries will be offered by the streets outside the built-up areas. The SS145 and the SS163 run over the sea between curves and dreamlike landscapes: it will be difficult to choose whether to have fun or proceed calmly and enjoy the view. If you have never visited Capri, taking a ferry and departing for the island of Faraglioni can be a great idea to extend your tour even by one day.

A tour in Salento

Salento is the tip of the boot and despite being a very popular tourist destination in summer, it is still a genuine area that is worth exploring. Starting from Lecce, with its splendid Baroque architecture, you can travel about 200km through sometimes contrasting landscapes. As soon as you leave the city you will encounter olive groves and lush orchards, especially in this period. Then on the sea, first in Gallipoli and then in Santa Maria di Leuca where the Ionian and the Adriatic merge, you will discover shades of blue that you may never have seen. And if you stop just for a moment on the beach of Torre San Giovanni, instead, you will feel like you are in a Caribbean paradise. Get back in the saddle and leave the coast: in the hinterland, you will find a straight road on which you can recover a little after relaxation and return to the city with new energy.

The heart of Italy on two wheels

Central Italy is full of April motorcycle itineraries to be scheduled. The Marche, Umbria and Tuscany are regions rich in art, culture and with a decidedly inviting gastronomic heritage. What are you waiting for?

A journey between Umbria and Marche

Umbria and the Marche region may seem mysterious regions, with areas that are sometimes almost unexplored. The Umbria-Marche Apennines is one of these and the roads that cross it are perfect to be travelled by motorcycle. Depart from Norcia and climb towards the Monti Sibillini Park. Just past the pass, you will find yourself facing the grandeur of the Castelluccio Plain. Here, especially in spring, there is an almost muffled landscape. Stop, turn off the engine and enjoy the silence interrupted only by the grazing animals. After this necessary pause, head north again. From Russia take the Provincial 98 and then the 47 and if you like adventure try camping on Lake Fiastra. The day after a few kilometres will separate you from breakfast in Ascoli Piceno. Did you know that Caffè Meletti, in Piazza del Popolo, is it one of the historical places in Italy?

If you prefer the Tyrrhenian side of Umbria and the Marche, discover our Tuscan bike itineraries: there is certainly at least one perfect for April!

An unexpected northern Italy on two wheels

When we say North Italy, we immediately think of the Alps. But with our April bike itineraries, we want you to go further down the valley and suggest two interesting areas that you may not have thought of yet.

Tour of the Palladian Villas

Among the provinces of Padua, Venice, Treviso, Rovigo and Vicenza 24 villas belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites: they are the Palladian Villas. Designed by the architect Andrea Palladio, they represent the highest expression of Venetian architecture between the 16th and 17th centuries. The motorbike route is about 160km long, so ideal for a peaceful weekend of culture. Take the 434 state road near Rovigo to visit Villa Badoer and then head north-west. Reach Villa Poiana and then Vicenza, always keeping the A31 as your reference point. Here the roads are all extremely quiet, don’t forget that we are in the deep Po Valley!

After Vicenza climb towards the province of Treviso where, before passing by Villa Godi Malinverni and Villa Moser, you can stop for a pit stop in the famous and beautiful Bassano del Grappa. We are talking about a break to taste all the typical products and to end your journey with taste after discovering so much beauty.

Discovering the Langhe by motorbike

The Langhe is an area of ​​Piedmont between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti where endless expanses of vineyards, hazel groves and woods lie on soft hills. Crossing them by motorbike will be an unforgettable experience: you can comfortably arrive from the A33 and depart from Alba for a circular route along the Provinciale 51 which will let you discover all the most famous little villages, but also the less frequented ones. After trying the wine, the truffles and the confectionery of the Langhe get back in motion will be difficult. You can spend the night in Barolo and the next day let yourself be carried away by the natural sinuosity of the streets. The bike will practically go on its own and you will not have to do anything but choose where to stop to discover new flavours.

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