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Everyone plans something, even if only for the legendary Easter Monday. If you don’t know where to go but at the same time can’t wait to enjoy your bike properly, take a look below: your Easter motorbike will take shape in the blink of an eye.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to leave for so long. But it is not a problem: we have prepared 3 different itineraries for you, based on the days you might have available. So let’s not waste any more time and start with our suggestions!

Toccata and fugue: 2-day tours

If you do not have many days available and you can only take advantage of the holidays or the weekend, here you will surely find what suits you. We thought of three mini-tours depending on the area of ​​Italy from which you start. Thus, you will not lose too much time reaching your destination and the whole journey on your bike will be marked by the discovery of places that you have always had close but that you have never contemplated!

North tour

If you live in northern Italy, an area you can’t miss having seen is Lake Garda. Reach Riva del Garda and take the Statale 45bis, also known as Gardesana Occidentale, heading south. Obviously, along the way, you can stop when you want, but our first goal is to take you to the Strada della Forra, one of the most picturesque in Italy. Abandon yourself to a series of curves and hairpin bends that with agility will take you back to the coast road.

But did you know that Lake Garda is surrounded by smaller but equally spectacular basins? Go up towards Lake Valvestino, or Lake Idro and continue towards the eastern shore of the lake. Here you reach Monte Baldo with its 1630 meters and cross the many unique villages of their kind. Finally, finish the tour by heading north.

Tour to the centre

The Easter in motion at the centre we want to offer you is in the Alta Valtiberina in Umbria. It is the northeast area of ​​the green heart of Italy, where winding roads develop between rolling hills that create unique landscapes. Depart from the surroundings of Pietralunga and take provincial road 201 towards Montone, a small village rich in history. Continuing through a succession of woods and meadows it is a moment to arrive in Città di Castello: a town with a decidedly enviable artistic and cultural heritage that deserves a break. After a nice walk, get back in the saddle and go to the Strada Apecchiese. Climb up to Bocca Serriola and then descend towards the town of Apecchio, a small town in the Marche region. From here a few kilometres separate you from your starting point, so take the return with all the calm you want.

Tour to the south

Land of wolves, or Land of saints and brigands: even if these ways of calling Alta Irpinia to seem unattractive, doing this tour will change your mind. First, because it is still not among the areas most frequented by mass tourism, and then because discovering its landscapes will be a pleasant surprise. The departure is in Serino, from where in a very short time you can reach the heart of the Picentini Mountains. Proceed through continuous ups and downs and stop by the Latino Lake or Conza Lake. When and especially if you want to get off the bike, stop in the small villages where time seems to have stopped. Their streets, small shops and the unique flavours of this land will bewitch you: leaving them will be harder than you imagine.

Did you find the two-day tour that’s right for you? Remember that on the same days there is also the Sardinia Grand Tour: a valid alternative to these proposals!

The whole Easter in motion: the 6-day tour

If you can stretch from Easter to April 25th, we suggest you take the bike and go for a visit across the border. Slovenia is one of the countries close to Italy and is worth a visit especially on two wheels. There are many moto tourism itineraries to discover all the areas of the country, even those farthest from the larger cities.

If you want to give yourself six days of tranquillity and relaxation, take it easy and go to the discovery of the magnificent lakes that dot the nation. You can start from Lake Bled, carved from the homonymous glacier. Did you know that on the island in the centre there is a church that was once a temple dedicated to the Slavic goddess of love? This fascinating body of water is located in the Triglav National Park, one of the Historical Parks of Europe and, before continuing your tour, a visit to the Sum waterfall is a must: it will be a spectacular experience.

From the lake to lake

Also within the Park, there is Lake Bohinj, the largest in the whole country. Proceeding south-east along roads 909, 403 and then 102 you will be able to discover those areas that today are infamous for the battles of World War I. First of all, Caporetto: a place that is certainly important for our national history. From these once Italian territories, returning to the confines of the boot is a snap. Cave del Predil, Cividale del Friuli and then Udine all deserve a rest before returning home.

12 days non stop: much more than Easter

This is the tour for you if you are among the lucky ones and you can leave on April 20th and return on May 1st. Also, in this case, we suggest you cross national borders, to the west though: Montecarlo, Nice and Cannes are the first stops. Stop and enjoy these wonderful places before starting the real tour of Provence. Riding the Route de Cretes in the saddle will be a fantastic experience: a high-altitude overview that will put you to the test and entertain you. Then descend towards Avignon, a city rich in history that deserves a visit of a few days.

From Provence to Burgundy

From here take the A7 and go in the direction of Lyon: stop whenever you want but remember that Burgundy is waiting for you, one of the most ideal regions for a motorcycle tour. Gentle hills dotted with vineyards and castles, rich in history, culture and traditions: every corner of this region hides pleasant surprises. One above all: the famous wine of this area. Taste it when you get off the bike for a while so you can enjoy it in peace.

After all these tips, did you organize your Easter on a motorcycle? So a good trip!

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